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At SDWM we are dedicated to helping you meet your personal goals. SDWM opened its doors to the people on the 21st of August 2005 in the quiet plush area of Juhu. Since then, we have been celebrating the achievements of all those who have joined us and have become a part of the SDWM family. If you are looking to get in shape, relax, lose weight, increase flexibility and learn to dance or improve athletic performance SDWM is the right place for you. Our professionally trained and certified individuals will give a whole new opportunity to nurture your health, fitness and your general well-being. We help achieve a state of optimal health, top physique and ultimate well-being that means a lot to everyone.

“It is easier to talk about doing something about your fitness than to actually make it happen”, a fact that every one of us are familiar with, but at SDWM first we make it happen and then talk about what has been done. It takes accountability, motivation and knowledge to stay in shape; at SDWM we will overcome these challenges with you.

We at SDWM believe that fitness is not just about the body but also about the mind. Our aim is to integrate fitness and its various expressions into an everyday experience and increase awareness of the value exercise/fitness that adds to our daily lives. Our trainers have the tools and skills to support you in your quest for any desired result. Our approach is holistic, consultative, realistic and flexible thus allowing us to tailor your program along the whole journey to help you enjoy optimum health and also to improve your ability to manage day to day stress.

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